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MAZE: The World's Most Challenging Puzzle

Last semester I took a class titled “Graphical User Interfaces”, the platform we'd be using in the class was Android. Since we'd be collaborating in our groups using git it fulfilled the requirements for my “software engineering tools” class. Thus I was given a substitution while taking a far more interesting class. The way the class was structured was that there were no tests, about 7 smaller projects that were given in 1 week increments. And then halfway through the semester we...read more.

The Spiraling Fan Video
About a month ago I posted the following video to youtube:


This video now has over a million views. In response, I made the following program: located here


My original intention was to put some sort of animation on the ceiling fan, my first attempts failed so I tried a spiral and it seemed to work. I wanted to show my...read more.

In my last post, back in January, I wrote about how I needed a task management tool to keep track of all the different things that I needed to do. So I made a TODO web application. The thing is, I never really used it because it didn't really organize my tasks very well. It wasn't as intuitive as I thought it should be. I hinted at the end of that post that I was reading about different ways to organize tasks and I found a method I really liked. It's called the matrix management system and it basically involves...read more.
Receipt Data Analyzer
Python Keyboard Heatmapper
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